Graphic Design

Typesetting & Desktop Publishing

We currently have two desktop publishers who focus on typesetting and graphic design within the company.  When a PDF with art is submitted, it is their job to make sure the colors are correct, the quality is good, and that everything is the way it should be.  When a project is created from scratch or when an edit has to be made, a proof is sent to the client who then makes sure that it has everything they are looking for.  After that, the job is ready to get printed.

What Is Desktop Publishing?

Desktop Publishing includes a wide variety of things.  This includes designing print communications, logos, newsletters, labels, packaging, signs, and more.  Desktop publishers use different types of software and programs to edit images and fix any text issues that might occur during the setup stage before printing. 

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a digital form of visual art with the combination of images and text.  We can help other companies advertise products, expand awarenes of events, and even create branding.   Adobe software programs allow our desktop publishers at Foote Printing to create and manipulate artwork.  Together, the combination of desktop publishing and graphic design ensures that we have the ability, power, and knowledge to bring your ideas to life.


We have come a long way with technology.  The advancement and expansion of technology has put us where we are at today.  It is a lot easier for printers to do their job today than hundreds of years ago.  The spread of technology has almost put moveable type presses and letterpresses to extinction and replaced by offset presses and digital printers.  Although Johannes Gutenberg may not appreciate that his invention of the moveable type is rarely used anymore, he would be very impressed to see that his ideas of print have advanced at such a large scale.

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