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About Us

Over 100 years ago, Thomas F. Foote ventured down to Cleveland, Ohio from Ontario, Canada.  Foote Printing was soon founded in 1907 and would thrive all through the 20th century.

Fast-forward a handful of decades, German immigrant Karl-Heinz Duhr and wife took over the company at its current location on East 55th Street.  They are since retired, leaving the Foote Printing Company with their two sons Michael and Steven.

Today, Foote Printing remains a small family-owned business with a close-knit crew of printing professionals.  We are a union shop with over 100 years of combined experience and serve a great range of clientele as we write the next chapter of Foote Printing.

Our customers

At Foote Printing, we want to express our heartfelt appreciation for your continued support and loyalty. We understand that our success is intrinsically tied to your trust in us, and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Our commitment to providing exceptional products and an unmatched customer experience remains unwavering. Your feedback, suggestions, and patronage drive us to continually improve and exceed your expectations.

We look forward to serving you in the future and are dedicated to maintaining the high standards you deserve.

We print books, brochures, stationary, pamphlets, postcards, and more.

Digital printing from a digital-based image (i.e., a pdf) directly to a variety of media.

Signage is a great way to attract more business and create brand recognition. 

Simple trim, a complex fold, or any type of book, bindery is where your job comes to life.

We offer comprehensive direct mail marketing services.

Graphic design is a digital form of visual art with the combination of images and text.

Our Mission & Values

The goal at Foote Printing is to provide our customers with the highest-quality printing products and services in a timely fashion and at a competitive price.  We inspire customer loyalty through building relationships, keeping promises, and being an integral part of our customer's team.

We are here to provide you, our customer, with honest, expert advice and quick, friendly customer service.

Featured News

  • Perfect Print Prep: Ready Your Files with Foote Printing

    Preparing your artwork for a commercial print job is critical to the success of your project. At Foote Printing, we want to ensure that your brochures, flyers, or any printed material look as polished and professional as possible. Heres a quick guide on how to prepare your files for printing: • Provide high-resolution PDFs with 1/8 of an inch bleed for any color or images extending to the edges. • Ensure images are high-resolution and not distorted. • Include all fonts correctly link

  • Innovate Your Mail with Foote Printing's Self-Mailer Designs

    In todays fast-paced marketing environment, Foote Printing offers innovative solutions to traditional direct mailing. Self-mailers, an efficient and engaging alternative to the standard envelope package, are becoming a popular choice among savvy marketers. Here’s how Foote Printing is revolutionizing direct mail: • Self-mailers can include brochures, letters, trifolds, and more, eliminating the need for envelopes. • Designing a self-mailer requires careful planning to ensure informat

  • Direct Mail Mastery: Timely Campaigns with Foote Printing

    Navigate direct mail timelines and USPS nuances for your campaign with Foote Printing's expert guidance. Plan ahead for success.

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