Need a Better Business Card? Foote Printing Can Customize One for You Today!

By Foote Printing
May 07, 2019 Category • Business Cards

Everyone needs a business card. Its the first thing that youre normally handing to someone at a networking event or anyone you meet that may be interested in the products or services that you offer. Its the first piece of marketing material that most people are going to see about your company, and they can really set the tone for your business. After all, first impressions are important. There are many different styles and designs for business cards depending on how you want people to view your business. Some of the most popular choices are: Soft touch lamination so when they touch it its smooth. Thicker card stock. Colored sides. Raised Spot UV so the words or pictures are raised. Plastic cards instead of paper which are waterproof and hard to tear. If you are looking for a business card whether you have one already but you need to switch it up or if you dont have one at all, Foote Printing can help you get the card you want so you can start sharing your business the why you

Custom Branded Pocket Folders for Your Business

By Foote Printing
April 30, 2019 Category • Pocket Folders, Local

Pocket folders are an easy way to show off your brand while also providing your customers with a convenient way to carry all of your informational handouts. At the Foote Printing Company, we can create a personalized pocket folder to fit the exact needs of your business! Here we have examples of some of the pocket folders we have done in the past. If youre handing out some paperwork usually when people are signing forms and they need a copy of it, you can throw it in there with all your marketing material. These folders hold a lot of paper and your business fits nicely in there too. Gusset Pocket Folder If your business has a lot of information to share with your customers, we can produce a pocket folder that can hold 100 to even 200 pages! These types of folders are called gusset folders, and the pockets in these guys are already scored a quarter inch or a half inch in size. So it can hold more pages without ripping the edges like you would see with a standard folder. Why

The Best Choice for Health Care Industry Printing

By Foote Printing
April 23, 2019 Category • Health Care Industry

The health care industry is a huge industry in Cleveland which means there is a big demand for printing. Whether that print is brochures, trifolds, door hangers, basically any type of physical informational hand out. Foote Printing is the best printing company to go to for all of your health care industry printing needs because we are an experienced, cost-effective, and local company who produces high-quality products! An Important Job Needs Experianced Workers Foote Printing has been printing for Cleveland since 1907, so weve been around the block a few times. We have experience printing in a multitude of different orders, large or small. We also have done a lot of business over the years with Cleveland Clinic and Metro Health. A Calendar We Made for the Cleveland Clinic: We have found that printing for the health care industry can be a very demanding order. Printing with such an important industry means that it is crucial to have the job done right and on time. There is a lot

Sustainable Printing with Solar Power

By Foote Printing
April 16, 2019 Category • Solar, Green

At Foote Printing, we try to be as green as possible because we care about our impact on the environment. We understand that our industry can create a lot of unnecessary waste. This is why we have resolved to take every possible action in order to reduce our carbon footprint. In fact, our most successful proxy was making the switch to solar power! How Foote Printing Has Gone Green Solar Powered We knew we wanted to switch to a renewable alternative energy, but we didnt know which one would work out best for us. Initially, we thought about installing a wind turbine as we all know Cleveland is a windy city! Sadly, that wasnt a viable option for us as we had nowhere to put the turbine. Instead, we opted for solar energy. We installed 305 solar panels to our business which cover our entire roof. Covering the whole roof of our shop are 305 solar panels which produce enough energy to power about 80% of our printing! Of course, this can vary from month to month depending on how

The Importance of Printing Locally

By Foote Printing
April 09, 2019 Category • Local

We can all agree that large companies such as Amazon are extremely beneficial for our modern society, with our fast-paced lives and ever-growing need for quick and responsive services. However, if every type of business we utilized was outsourced to these companies then how do we cycle our local money back into our Cleveland economy? Moreover, why would you want to outsource your money to these businesses when you can get the same value and then some with local businesses? Printing in Cleveland Foote Printing is proud to be a Cleveland owned and operated business for more than 100 years! Not only have we been serving Clevelanders for the last century, but we have also been improving their printing experience by providing them with the value of working with a local business. Working with a local company is not just about fueling your home-town economy; its also about the quality of the service and products you receive. As one of the few locally owned printing shops in Cleveland,

Booklets: A Cost-Effective and Convenient Way to Showcase Your Business

By Foote Printing
April 02, 2019 Category • Booklets

If you have a business where you are looking to have a physical display of information about a product, who you are, or what you offer, then you need to try a customized booklet from the Foote Printing Company. What is a Booklet? Booklets are a convenient way to put yourself out there and make your business known. Not only are they an easy communication platform for you, but theyre one of the most cost-effective ways to put a lot of information out into the world. Moreover, booklets help you show off your brand. The more people see your name, logo and tagline, the more they will know you and bring their business to yours. Booklets are a great use for a catalog, brochure, or even for a personal storybook! The possibilities of what you could do with our booklets are endless! With the advent of digital printing now we can do small quantities to larger quantities, so whether you need one or 1,000, weve got you covered. We have two different booklet makers so we can offer you

Boost Your Business with Trifolds

By Foote Printing
March 26, 2019 Category • Trifold

Do you have a business where you need to inform a mass amount of people about a lot of information? Do you need a convenient and effortless way to convey that information to your target audience? If so, then you need our customized trifolds! Trifolds are one of our best sellers here at the Foote Printing Company. They are so popular because of their versatility. You can use them as a great source of information for any type of organization or any group. What is a Trifold? A trifold is a valuable, convenient, and cost-effective informational hand-out that is the size of a standard piece of paper (8 by 11 inches). This paper is folded into thirds, hence the tri in trifold. After all, the best things come in threes! We can print anything you could need on the trifolds such as pictures, in black and white or even in color. Could I Use a Trifold for My Business? We provide unique trifolds for anyone who want to effortlessly convene any information that they want

How Foote Printing is Printing Differently

By Foote Print
March 18, 2019 Category • Printing, Union, Green, Local

Foote Printing is not your run of the mill printing company. We try to set ourselves apart from the rest by doing our best to serve you, our employees, and our natural environment. We feel that what makes us a really unique printing company is that we are locally owned, we operate as a union, and perhaps our most crucial differentiator, we are doing our part to be an environmentally consciences company. Locally Owned Most printing companies are chains and not locally owned because there is a lot of consolidation in the printing market right now. However, we are one of Clevelands only locally owned printing companies. Because of our locality, we are able to fulfill all your printing needs, anywhere from the smallest projects to the biggest, with fast and personalized service. We also aim to provide our customers with the best quality printing products and customer experience. Considering we are a Cleveland owned and operated company, we boost the economic growth of our city.

Print Letterheads and Envelopes in Cleveland, OH

By Foote Printing
February 07, 2019 Category • Print Marketing

Is your business starting a direct mail campaign? Is it time to start sending out notices or requesting donations for your cause? Youll be sure to make a great first impression on your end-users by using quality printing and products by Foote Printing in Cleveland, OH! Foote Printing is a leading local print company that offers graphic design, offset printing, digital printing and wide format printing. They can even mail out your print material for you! Why is it important to use a print company for mail material? By entrusting a print company for your print envelopes, letterheads and post-cards, youll be sure to make a great first impression on your (potential) customers. We understand brand guidelines and understand that you want your business to look professional, legitimate and capable. How does my print material make me look more professional? Think about your own experience. If you were to receive a low-quality envelope in the mail or receive a letter with a poorly designed

Door Hangers are a Great Print Marketing Tool for Your Business

By Foote Printing
January 23, 2019 Category • Door Hangers, Print Marketing, Best For Business

Foote Printing of Cleveland has partnered with Virteom of Avon to get valuable information on our products out to the world through video. In our videos, we sit down and talk about our products, how we can help you, and the printing industry. This week, we look at door hangers for your business, typically used for canvassing, promoting a new thing, visibility, and brand awareness. *below is a transcription of the video. Where Can My Business Utilize Quality Printed Door Hangers? Michael shows us two samples of door hangers printed by Foote Printing of Cleveland. The one was used in a political campaign and the other one was used in a hospital just to let people know whats going on. These would also be good maybe in a hotel setting. We also have seen a lot of people using them in real estate. Where they go sell a house and theyd have their information on the door hanger. The realtors are putting some door hangers on the five or ten houses surrounding the house that was sold with their

The One-Stop Cleveland Print Shop for Your Business: Sell Sheets, Menus, and Post Cards

By Foote Printing
January 10, 2019 Category • Print Marketing, Postcards, Menus, Sell Sheets, Best For Business

Foote Printing has partnered with Virteom to engage our customers and users about the services and offerings of our Cleveland Print Shop. This video is all about printed marketing materials we offer to our customers including our menus, sell sheets, and postcards. Watch or read the transcription below! Quality Menus on Synthetic Paper for Your Cleveland Restaurant We do a lot of menu printing for a variety of people. In this day and age, the hot thing to print directly on synthetic paper, instead of the traditional print it and laminate it route. Foote Printing has adopted this synthetic paper for menus, thats basically like a plastic type of paper. That way, you can save a little bit of money without having to get it laminated and still have a waterproof menu. When youre at a restaurant, theres a lot of different beer or food that could get spilled on it and you can just wipe these down easy, which makes them very economical. On top of that, it looks more professional to your

Professional Business Notepads for Clients, Information, and Branding

By Foote Printing
December 20, 2018 Category • Notepads, Print Marketing

Foote Printing has partnered with Virteom to engage our customers and users about our services and product offerings. This video is all about our notepads and getting your brand in front of customers. This blog actually covers two videos weve done. Watch or read the transcription below! Why Invest In Notepads? Its great to have notepads maybe sitting out on a desk where when people show up, they see that information. They can just rip one off sheet and take them take it with them so they can have that information. This way the information is always ready for when they need it most! Virteoms Notepad Success Story Virteom is a company that builds websites and they called Foote Printing one day and said, Hey websites are divided into 12 boxes going across a horizontal line that you cant see. Either all twelve boxes are like a banner rotator or maybe its like four boxes because theres four images, but everything is done by twelves. Foote Printing innovated notepads for the company

The Power of Branded Cards for Your Business

By Foote Printing
November 02, 2018 Category • Print, Print Marketing

We are starting a new video blog series, where we sit down and talk about our products, how we can help you, and the printing industry. This week, we look at the power of cards, you can watch or read all about the power of quality branded cards for your business below... *below is a transcription of the video. Dan and Michael are looking at the power of cards in business. Having branded stationary keeps professionalism at the forefront of personal messaging. Quality Print with a Personal Message You can see some samples here of cards by Foote Printing. Some of these have the company brand in place and some of them incorporate seasonal elements. These allow for you to send personal notes to your prospects, clients, friends, and even employees. In the photo above youll see note cards, thank you cards, and seasonal cards that people would send out to clients, customers, or anybody that theyre doing business with. These are the perfect item to stay on top of your client care and

Stand Out From Digital Marketing Clutter by Using Print Marketing

By Foote Printing
October 25, 2018 Category • Print Marketing

Sometimes, the old way of doing things is really the best way. Many marketers are finding that print advertising is more effective than digital advertising, and more businesses are choosing to place their marketing dollars into print advertising due to its ability to grab the consumers attention, and ultimately, their sales. Using Print Marketing to Stand Out No one has noticed this trend more than Foote Printing. Weve been supplying the Cleveland area with excellent print advertising since 1907. While the digital revolution did change a lot about how businesses advertise, marketers quickly found out that in the world of ads, print is where the customers are. In fact, market surveys show that consumers trust print advertising more than digital, and you can actually use your Google analytics to monitor your print advertising return on investment. Consumers Prefer Print Ads The consumer preference for print ads over digital doesnt mean digital is bad, but research does show that digital

Fast Printing in Cleveland

By Foote Printing
September 13, 2018 Category • Fast Printing

Do you need collateral done in a short amount of time? Hoping to find a company that can help you connect with hundreds or even thousands of people locally? Your search for quality printing is over with Foote Printing in Cleveland, Ohio. There are various instances in which a company might need the services of the best Cleveland print shop. If you are in a bind and need hundreds of copies of collateral done by the next business day, we will have you covered. Our Quality Cannot Be Matched For an individual to design high-quality publications on his or her own, they will need commercial-grade printing machinery. You likely have a printer at home or at work, but odds are, it cannot be capable of printing with a high quality ink or glossy paper that is fit for a professional business. Simply give us your designs and we will print them out for you. You will be thrilled about the results, which always equate to shiny, professional sheen, explosive colors and accurate positioning every time.

Why Print Local? Cleveland Printing Delivers You a Personalized Experience

By Foote Printing
August 16, 2018 Category • Printing

Ordering anything from the couch as you watch the Cleveland Indians, or over lunch at Great Lakes Brewing Company offers the height of internet convenience. But, when it comes to print projects, the story changes. Printing in Cleveland is best done a bit more old-school to get the results you want. Using online printers or going the outsource route fails to deliver the same service and benefits as a local print shop. Yes,printing in Cleveland is best done in Cleveland. Heres why... Quicker Communication A local print shop will give you face-to-face contact and communication. There is no need to search for contact information on vague websites or rely on live chat features. You get an in-the-flesh person to answer your questions, make suggestions, offer samples and give information about your print job. Quicker Turnaround Times Going down to the wire when you create your print materials gives you little time to think about lead time for printers. You need a company who understands

Start Printing with Foote Printing Today Before Paper Prices Rise Again

By Foote Print
July 25, 2018 Category • Printing

If your business needs high volume printing, you might not ever think of the price of paperbut you should. Of course, inflation is always a factor, but the industry has also eliminated many paper mills due to decreased U.S. demand. Why are Paper Costs Rising? Currently, foreign demand for paper is competing with U.S. businesses. The devastating Hurricanes Irma and Harvey took a major toll on the U.S. economy and paper mill infrastructure. Nearly 20 major U.S. pulp and paper mills were shut down after these storms. Now that fewer mills exist, paper pulp costs are rising. In fact, wood pulp prices are forecasted to increase by approximately five percent through the end of 2019. Paper prices have already increased in 2018, and more rising prices are expected. What Can I do? For all these reasons, if you have a large printing job to do, it will be less expensive to do it sooner rather than later. At Foote Printing, we help our customers find the most effective ways to use their marketing

How You can Use Print Marketing and Still be Green

By Foote Printing
June 27, 2018 Category • Green Marketing, Print Marketing

Business owners are as concerned about the environment as everyone else is. In that vein, they have been increasingly conscious about making sure they are as green as possible. Being green can be difficult when working on marketing strategies. Traditionally, many businesses have relied on print media to get the word out about their products and services. But, printing mass quantities of fliers, brochures, mailers and other printed marketing materials requires the use of paper, which can seemingly take its toll on the environment. But, that is not necessarily the case. There are ways to use printed marketing materials and still have your company remain green. Keep reading to find out how. A Green Way to Market Your Company Foote Printing, a small family-owned operation in Cleveland OH, is not only at the forefront of a renaissance in print marketing, they do so while recycling 99.9 percent of the ink and paper they use, while powering their operation almost exclusively through use of

Printing Tips and Best Practices

By Michael Duhr
June 06, 2018 Category • General

These are common things that happen in the print world. To ensure that time is used effectively and efficiently, customers looking to get a print job done should be aware of this. 1. Insufficient Specifications The more the printer knows what you want, the better. Include: finished trim size folding instructions any special printing methods how many colors the job will use type of stock for cover and/or text number of copies 2. Incorrect Use of Spot Colors All spot colors that are not needed should be deleted. A spot color should be used when: there are logos large fill areas small type 3. No Bleed Include bleeds in your job. Things to know about bleeds: they ensure the trim area typical bleeds are 1/8 of an inch 4. RGB or Low-Res Images Make sure that all photos are in CMYK, if not, covert them. Things to know about images: 300 dpi (dots her inch) are reasonable for high quality print what looks good on the computer screen does not necessarily mean it will

Foote Printing: Keeping Clients Happy

By Mike Duhr
May 30, 2018 Category • General

Hello! Its Mike Duhr, the owner of Foote Printing. I want to thank those of you who are repeat customers, and to invite new and future customers to learn more about Foote Printing. Our base of repeat customers certainly like our work, our reliability, and competitive prices. They also like what I call the ethical amenities of doing business with Foote Printing. These amenities include working with a union shop powered by solar energy. These things are important to us, of course, but they are equally important to a clientele committed to Clevelands future, and to the economic prosperity of Clevelands present. Here are just some of our clients favorite amenities of working with our family-owned shop, established here in Cleveland in 1907. Our Union Staff Foote Printing is a union shop, and its staff belong to the Northeast Ohio Allied Printing Trades Council. Many of our clients opt to include the union stickeror bugon printed materials, in order to assure their own clients that the women

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