Affordable Small Run Pocket Folders

By Foote Printing
January 21, 2020 Category • Pocket Folders

At Foote Printing, we are always trying to create better services for our customers so that they can get the printed materials they need at a price that wont break the bank. One product that people always need in small orders are pocket folders. Traditionally, pocket folders are harder to do smaller runs because of the way the machinery is set up. So, we decided to get a little innovative so that customers wouldnt have to pay $200 for their folders. Vertical Pocket Folders By printing your pocket folders with a vertical pocket as opposed to the typical horizontal pocket, we are able to provide this product at a much lower cost while still providing the great benefits of a folder. We can also print whatever you need on the front and on the inside of your folder, whether its your logo, a picture, anything! Contact Us If you are in need of a smaller order of pocket folders, dont pay an arm and a leg! Contact us at Foote Printing, and we can assist you with your order and

Every Door Direct Mailers to Promote Your Business

By Foot Printing
January 14, 2020 Category • Postcards

At Foote Printing, we have a variety of affordable ways that you can advertise for your business or event. One of the most effective and cost-efficient ways you can do this is with every door direct mailers. What is an Every Door Direct Mailer? An every door direct mailer is essentially a postcard that you can send out to a list of addresses so that you can reach a large audience for a very low price. The postage on these mailers is extremely inexpensive. Postcard Design Your mailer can be one-sided or two-sided and can involve pictures, graphics, and text so you can advertise for your company, specials, events, and more. If you need help designing your every door direct mailer, we can help you figure out the best way to approach it, do it for you, or you can even do it yourself. Many of the direct door mailers that we have been creating recently have been for the real estate industry, but these can be a great affordable way for any business to reach a new and wide

Children Book Printing in Cleveland, Ohio

By Foote Printing
January 06, 2020 Category • Children\'s Books

At Foote Printing, we have many different services and capabilities that can help you create your very own childrens book. We have noticed that there has been a rise in people self-publishing novels, books, and childrens books alike. We can print your book for you in small to large quantities as a hardcover, perfect bound, spiral, saddle-stitch, and much more. There are a variety of options when it comes to printing with us, from size to texture, etc. Design and Contact Help If you are interested in publishing a childrens book, or another kind of book, and you need help with the design, we have multiple graphic designers at Foote Printing who would be happy to help. Likewise, if you need help writing the content, we can put you in contact with someone for that as well. Contact Us If you have always wanted to write a childrens book, want to make a special gift for your kids, or nieces and nephews, or whomever, contact us today at Foote Printing, and we can help you print and

Hardbound Book Printing Services and Accessories

By Foote Printing
December 30, 2019 Category • Hardbound Books

At Foote Printing, we can help you create your very own hardbound book for any occasion, whether you are in self-publishing, creating a yearbook, or even childrens books. We have a variety of hardbound book styles that we can create from the cover finish to the size of the book, and everything in between. Some of the styles include soft-touch lamination or glossy lamination. Dust Covers We can also create a custom dust cover for your book, just like the ones you would see in the bookstore. These are great for protecting your books while still allowing them to look nice. Contact Us If you are interested in creating a hardbound book, contact us today at Foote Printing to learn more about our services, options, and pricing.

Benefits of Calling Foote Before Designing

By Foote Printing
December 26, 2019 Category • Design Help

At Foote Printing, we can help you print anything you need from books to signs, posters, and so much more. But we can also help you with design. Not everyone is a professional when it comes to designing for print. Whether you are using InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other designing software, there can be a lot of questions when preparing your design for print. Foote Printing is Here to Help If you need help when it comes to preparing your design, the best thing you can do before you send us your final copy is to ask us for help. We are always happy to take a phone call and work with you through your design process so that you get the best quality for your printed products. The more prepared you are before sending in your design, the better. This way, you know what you are getting, and you know what to expect from us. This helps you get your product much faster and without the added cost of reprints due to small errors. Contact Us If you are in need of design help

Solar Powered Printing in Cleveland, Ohio

By Foote Printing
December 16, 2019 Category • Green, Solar

At Foote Printing, we care about our city and our environment. That is why we invested in solar power, which helps up reduce our carbon footprint. Solar Powered Commercial Business Our large facility uses a lot of electricity; whether it is for running all of our printing machines, computers, lighting, or air conditioning, we consume more than the average commercial business. Reducing Our Carbon Footprint In order to offset our electric usage, we have installed 305 solar panels on the roof of our building to help us save our environment. These solar panels help us greatly reduce our fossil fuel consumption; in fact, about 75-95 % of electricity is covered by our solar panels. Depending on the month, our electricity bill is still about 200 dollars a month due to the size of our warehouse and all of the machines and other electronics we need to power. In the winter, we dont use as much electricity due to the fact that we are not running our a/c, and our heat is from boilers.

Get Your 2020 Calendars Now

By Foote Printing
December 10, 2019 Category • Calendars

2020 is in less than a month! Have you gotten your new calendars printed for next year? At Foot Printing, we can create a variety of custom calendars that can be used for yourself, your employees, or customers to help promote brand awareness. What Kind of Calendar Do You Need? We have traditional flip calendars, desk calendars, promotional calendars, and much more. The example in the video of our 2020 calendar at Foote Printing is great to hang on the wall so you can see the whole year in a glance, mark important dates, and easily find any date. Contact Us If you still dont have your calendar for 2020, contact us today and get your brand in front of your potential customers for next year!

How to Export a PDF from InDesign

By Foote Printing
December 03, 2019 Category • Tips

We want to help you get the best quality products, so when you create your own design for your printed products from Foote Printing, follow these instructions and tips to help us help you! Most people use three main software systems to create their print designs: Photoshop for pictures, Illustrator for logos, and InDesign to bring it all together in your desired layout. The Three Most Important Things to Keep in Mind for InDesign Link Fonts and Logos By going to Find Fonts, you are able to see if all of your fonts are linked to the InDesign template. Likewise, you want to make sure that your logos are linked as well. Resolution We always ask for high resolution, so when you are exporting your files from InDesign, choose either High-Quality Print or Press Quality. However, if you choose Press Quality, then you will need to make sure your bleed marks are accurate. Bleed Before you send over your designs to us, you should make sure that you have at least an eight-inch bleed

The History of Foote Printing

By Foote Printing
November 25, 2019 Category • History

Foote Printing Then There is a long history behind the business that Foote Printing is today. Founded over 100 years ago, Foote Printing started as a simple side business in 1887. Thomas F. Foote was the owner and operator of Foote Printing while also working as a mail carrier. About 17 years later, in 1909, Thomas Foote decided to go off on his own and run Foote Printing as his only job because the company was doing so well. Then we also had Frank Foote, who was Thomas Footes younger brother and helped run the printing business. Foote Printing Now Today, about 133 years later, we have been located in the same area, serving the same businesses and more. Though we are no longer run by the Foote Family, we are still a family-owned and operated company with a great team of printing and design professionals. However, we bring a new meaning to the name Foote Printing with our environmentally friendly practices such as recycling, renewable energy sources, and much more we are

Custom T-Shirt Printing in Cleveland, Ohio

By Foote Printing
November 20, 2019 Category • T Shirt Printing

At Foote Printing, we can accommodate a wide range of printing needs from paper to direct door mailers to banners. We can even print on t-shirts! If you want a fun a unique t-shirt with your very own design printed on the front or the back, we can help. If you need assistance when it comes to the design, we also have our design experts that can help make your idea come to life. Our t-shirt printing services only take about a week to two weeks to turnaround. Our minimum order for t-shirts is 25, so this service is perfect for a team that needs matching t-shirts, for a fundraiser to bring awareness, or even for people running for office. Running for Office in Cleveland, Ohio? If you are running for office or are supporting someone who is running, we can help you get the word out with custom t-shirts, banners, flyers, postcards, the whole nine yards. Team Building Day? If you are part of a team, whether its at your office, your club, or a family reunion, we can help you

How to Prepare Your Files for Printing

By Foote Printing
November 12, 2019 Category • Printing Tips

Getting your printed products just right is our goal at Foote Printing, and in order to do so, we need a little help from our customers to make that happen. It is really easy, but there are many small mistakes that can be made when sending over your final files for us to print. So, today we are going to give you some tips on how to properly prepare your files. What Kind of File Should I Send? In order to get the best print, we ask that you send files as high-resolution PDFs with bleeds. For example, if you have a 16-page book, we want it in a single page not in spreads because normally people are designing whats called reader spreads, and we have to separate those pages out if it is a saddle-stitch book. Bleeding You need to make sure you mark your bleed lines; otherwise, your photos might not look exactly how you want them to on the print. If there isnt enough bleed room, your picture could get cut off, or there could be too much white space on the final print. Font and Color Before

Printing in Color for Your Marketing Materials

By Foote Printing
November 05, 2019 Category • Printing In Color

A common issue many businesses may have is getting the correct color for your printed branding merchandise and marketing. Nowadays, theres a lot more printing thats also digital, so youve got a lot more CMYK printing going on. However, there are a lot of companies that have CMYK colors in their logo. The issue with this is that they are harder to replicate 100%. What are CMYK Colors? CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and key. The key color in todays printing world is black, so K is black! At Foote Printing, we have some smaller machines that we can print to color two spot colors with, and we have our bigger machines that are capable of printing five and six colors. These bigger machines give us the ability to put one or two Pantone Machining System (PMS) colors on right along with the CMYK like what you need to print pictures. Which Colors Can be Hard to Match? Oranges are notoriously the worst color to try to match from digital to print. You can see in the video that

Printing with True Color Matches

By Foote Printing
October 29, 2019 Category • Green

Most people probably do not think about the importance of proper lighting when it comes to printing. But did you know that the quality of light can dramatically impact the color of your print? Light has a major influence over how we see colors, and that is proven by the viral internet Blue and Black or Gold and White Dress. The Importance of True Color Though the exact color of that famed dress might not really matter, what does matter is the color of the printed products that you pay for. When you spend time and put a lot of effort into designing the perfect business card, logo, sign, or anything else you could possibly need to be printed, you want it to be the right color. The Benefits of LED Lighting At Foote Printing, we always make sure you are getting the color you expect. And how do we make this happen? With our LED lighting. Every light source throughout our facility, 13,000 plus square feet, produces a more natural light, almost like sunlight. This allows us to see the true

Understanding Bleeding in the Printing World

By Foote Printing
October 24, 2019 Category • Bleeding

What is Bleeding? Whenever we ask our customers for files of their design, we ask for high-resolution PDFs with 1/8th inch bleed all around the design. The bleed is kind of like room for error when it comes to printing. If you were to send us a picture without a bleed zone, you might see that part of your picture gets cut off too far or not far enough, and then you have a white space along the edge. Why Do You Need Bleed Space? When you cut a high number of products at the same time, there is a little bit of give when the machine cuts through the sheets. If you do not have that bleed space, you could have white showing, or we would have to cut it shorter than you expected. Many customers have a hard time understanding the concept of bleeding, so we wanted to show you in this video what it is and how it can affect your final product. Having a proper bleed zone is going to help us give you the product you need and allows us to make your piece more professional. If you need

What to Expect With Foote Printing

By Foote Printing
October 01, 2019 Category • Customer Service

We want to make your experience with us as easy and helpful as possible. Our goal is the help you get the products you need and work with you on price, design, and techniques. Starting the Process It all starts with contacting us. Whether you prefer to fill out our form at the bottom of this page, email up, or give us a call, we are able to get the ball rolling on your new project. While we are talking back and forth, we are trying to understand exactly what it is you want, and we can make suggestions on how to make that happen. Multilingual Customer Service We are able to provide our customer services in English, German, and Spanish! Providing Guidance with Expertise and Resources If you need help designing your product, we can provide helpful tips or even just design it for you. We can also help make recommendations about best practices in print. If you are using print as a marketing campaign, we have the experience and resources to help you chose the best printing

Foote Printing is Keeping Up with Printing Trends in Cleveland, Ohio

By Foote Printing
September 24, 2019 Category • Print Marketing, Local

With the growth of digital technology over the last ten or so years, many people may think that printing is becoming obsolete. However, that is not the case. Sure, you may get your weekly newsletters in the form of an email now, but there are still many types of printing that still hold a lot of value when it comes to having the physical piece of paper in your hand. Printing Trends in a Digital World Small Jobs Because of digital marketing, many people do not need as many big printing orders as they did in the past. That means that now, many of our requests are for smaller runs and we have the ability to do that for our customers. For many of our products, we can offer a single piece or as many as you need! Direct Door Mailing Another trend we have noticed is that many of our customers are benefiting from our Direct Door Mailers. These are a quick and affordable advertisement that we mail directly to your customers and potential customers. With the Direct Door Mailers and any of

Wide Format Products from Foote Printing

By Foote Printing
September 17, 2019 Category • Wide Format

At Foote Printing, we provide our clients with many products and services to help them get the high-quality paper products they need for a reasonable price. From menus for restaurants to customized envelopes, we have anything you may need. In order to keep up with our goal of providing you with what you need, we have started offering wide format printed products. Wide Format Printing Services in Cleveland, Ohio There are many great things you can do with wide format products from Foote. We can print banners, posters, yard signs, and even dcor for your wall. Some of the materials we can print our wide format products on are plastics, foam, coroplast, stickers, and more. Another great thing about our wide format products is that they can match your brochure or other marketing materials. We can make any amount of wide format products you need starting from just one single piece; though the price does go down with the more product you buy. If you have any questions about

Affordable and Durable Restaurant Menus

By Foote Printing
September 10, 2019 Category • Menus

At Foote Printing we have the ability to make so many different types of products for our customers. One of our products that are becoming more popular is our menus, mostly used for restaurants. Durable Menus Many restaurants struggle with how to display their menus. Do you spend a fortune each week on new paper menus, which get dirty, ripped, and are overall wasteful? Do you spend even more money on large, hardbound menus? Or, do you want to spend a reasonable amount of money on a convenient plastic menu which will last a very long time, even at the hand of children? We print our menus on poly print, meaning you dont have to spend the time and money to get the paper laminated. Once you have your menus, they last until youre ready to change the menu. Our menus hold up again, water, food, cleaning products, you name it. The technology we have at Foote Printing allows us to provide you with a small quantity order of menus at a great cost. If you are ready to stop wasting

Foote Printing Mailing Services

By Foote Printing
September 03, 2019 Category • Mailing Services

When most people think of Foote Printing, they think that we are a printing company. They definitely are not wrong, but we are so much more than that. Foote Printings three main services are printing, design, and mailing. Mailing Services from Foote Printing About 50% of the products we print eventually end up in the mail as a form of marketing for our customers. We offer many products that are designed to be mailed, such as our direct door mailers, envelopes, and invite packages. Direct Door Mailer Our direct door mailers or postcards are a cost-effective and convenient way for you to easily market your business to people in your area. At Foote, we can help you design your postcard, print it and then mail it for you. Custom Envelopes We can also help you design a custom, and eye-catching envelope for material that you need sent to specific customers, partners, or anyone else who you need to reach via mail. Invite Packaging We do a lot of invite packaging for

Grab Customer's Attention with Custom Envelopes

By Foote Printing
August 28, 2019 Category • Envelopes

One of the most cost-effective and easy ways to market your business is with customized envelopes. No matter how important the contents of an envelope is, many people might not open just a plain white envelope. However, at Foote Printing, our digital technology allows us to design eye-popping, beautiful envelopes for your business. New Digital Technology For the longest time, envelopes have been a one or two-colored thing. Mainly due to limitations of older printing presses that could handle pulling, that the feeders could actually handle envelopes with the flaps already on their already constructed envelopes and converted after the fact. But now with a lot of the new digital envelope machines coming out, its really nice that you can print these beautiful four-color logos or pictures with someones face on there if you want to. Cost-Effective Marketing Even small runs are very cost-effective and have a really nice looking piece that graphs peoples attention. Everyones trying

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