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Best Printing Customer Service in Cleveland, Ohio

Best Printing Customer Service in Cleveland, Ohio

Posted By Foote Printing
January 14, 2021 Category: General

At Foote Printing, our job is to provide our clients with the printed materials they want and need. Our goal is to help them in any way that we can to provide them with the highest quality products with timely delivery!

Printing Tips and Best Practices

Posted By Michael Duhr
June 06, 2018 Category: General

These are common things that happen in the print world.  To ensure that time is used effectively and efficiently, customers looking to get a print job done should be aware of this. 1. Insufficient Specifications The more the printer knows what you want, the better.  Include: finished trim size folding instructions any special printing methods how many colors the job will use type of stock for cover and/or text number of copies 2. Incorrect Use of Spot Colors All spot colors that are not needed should be deleted. A spot color should be used when: there are logos large fill areas small type 3. No Bleed Include bleeds in your job. Things to know about bleeds: they ensure the trim area typical bleeds are 1/8 of an inch 4. RGB or Low-Res Images Make sure that all photos are in CMYK, if not, covert them. Things to know about images: 300 dpi (dots her inch) are reasonable for high quality print what looks good on the computer screen does not necessarily mean it will look good on paper 5. Incorrect Document Size Make sure to send in correct production size of the document. Why?: saves time not having correct size can affect appearance and binding 6. Conflicting Fonts Convert all fonts to outlines before submitting your document. Why?: to prevent missing file links when the document is opened 7. Waiting Until Last Minute Send over the document a few days ahead of time. Why?: to ensure the printing will be finished in

Foote Printing: Keeping Clients Happy

Posted By Mike Duhr
May 30, 2018 Category: General

Hello! It’s Mike Duhr, the owner of Foote Printing. I want to thank those of you who are repeat customers, and to invite new and future customers to learn more about Foote Printing. Our base of repeat customers certainly like our work, our reliability, and competitive prices. They also like what I call “the ethical amenities” of doing business with Foote Printing. These amenities include working with a union shop powered by solar energy. These things are important to us, of course, but they are equally important to a clientele committed to Cleveland’s future, and to the economic prosperity of Cleveland’s present. Here are just some of our clients’ favorite amenities of working with our family-owned shop, established here in Cleveland in 1907. Our Union Staff Foote Printing is a union shop, and its staff belong to the Northeast Ohio Allied Printing Trades Council. Many of our clients opt to include the union sticker—or “bug”—on printed materials, in order to assure their own clients that the women and men who assembled these materials receive good wages and benefits. For others: it’s about the assurance of quality and craftsmanship, along with the timely delivery of high-quality, fairly-priced goods and services. Powered by the Sun In summer 2016, we installed an array of solar panels on our rooftop. Summer 2017 offered plenty of sunshine in Northeast Ohio and, on select days, solar energy provided 85% of

Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing: A Primer

Posted By Mike Duhr
May 30, 2018 Category: General

My mother gave me my first digitally-printed photo: a snapshot from my wedding reception in summer 2001. She printed it that night and gave it to us the next day. The dull hues of the photo were well-pixelated. It looked like a sun-bleached photocopy of a photocopy. Today, digital printing is far more technologically advanced, and its products are often indistinguishable from those of offset printing. (In brief: digital printing entails backing four-color toner powder onto the page. Offset printing entails the transfer of the inked image from a plate to a roller and onto the page.) Digital printing certainly has its advantages: small-batch runs can be completed in under two days, and updates to the image itself can be handled quickly. Offset printing has its own advantages, and we encourage you to learn more from one of our staff members here in Cleveland—especially if your next order of brochures, flyers, or booklets includes 500 units or more. With offset printing, the economies of scale are impressive. For some jobs, an order of 1000 may cost only a few dollars more than an order of 500. (Use our direct mail marketing services to save even more time and money.) While digital printing color standards continue to rise, offset printing remains the best option for getting the colors you want just right. Foote Printing is a family-owned print shop here in Cleveland, OH. We specialize in offset printing, digital printing, and wide format printing. We also offer

What Message Do Different Colors Send?

Posted By Foote Printing
May 30, 2018 Category: General

What Message Do Different Colors Send?   When you design a flyer, logo, mailer, billboard, or any kind of advertisement, the types of color you use play a big role in the message you want to send. Graphic designers know the importance of color in ads and can help you send and illicit the right message and emotions. Let’s take a look at what colors represent in the advertising and print world.   Red Increases appetite Creates sense of urgency Increases passion Feelings of aggression or anger   Yellow Cheerful Optimistic Attention grabber of people who pass by   Orange Warmth Caution Excitement Confidence Good for call-to-actions   Blue Peaceful Preferred by men Security and trust Used in workplace, increases productivity   Green Health “Natural” Wealth Growth Relaxing   Purple Wealth Success Wisdom Used on beauty products Creative   ---   Foote Printing is a local print shop located in Cleveland, OH. We specialize in offset printing, digital printing and wide format printing as well as offering mailing services and graphic design.   If you would like to learn more about our company visit our

Print Material for Summer Outings

Posted By Foote Printing
May 30, 2018 Category: General

As the days get longer and the weather gets nicer, many companies and organizations have some kind of party or event planned for the summer. Some places host or travel to company golf outings, charity events, or live events. You may not be thinking about printing when you think of these things, but print companies have a lot to offer businesses that are involved in some kind of event. Some ideas include: Company T-shirts Banners Flyers Posters Yard Signs Tablecloths for Tradeshow Booths If your company is having or sponsoring an event, make sure you are seen. By working with your company we will be able to figure out the best options to fit your needs and make sure your company stands out. Foote Printing is a local print shop located in Cleveland, OH. We specailize in offset printing, digital printing and wide format printing as well as offering mailing services and graphic design. Contact Us today to learn

Using Direct Mail to Stand Out in the Digital-Age

Posted By Foote Printing
May 30, 2018 Category: General

In the business world, most companies today focus their attention online. While this is good, standing out from the crowd is more difficult. There are plenty of tools and sites companies can use to automate messages to their customers, whether it’s sending a “thank you” message for their business, a “happy birthday” email or sending holiday messages. This is a nice way to stay in front of your customers, the only problem is, every other company is doing this also. Direct mail offers a personal touch that your customers won't receive through an email or social media post. “According to USPS, 69% of people feel that mail is more personal than the internet.” Most of your customers receive all kinds of emails saying “thank you for coming in to see us today...” and most people know that these are just automated emails that go out to everyone. This does not make your customer feel any more special than if they had gone to another place for their same needs. So, what kind of direct mail should you send to your customers? Thank You Cards You do not need to send a thank you card every time a customer comes to see you, but for first time customers a physical piece of mail that thanks them for coming in will stand out much more than the generic “thank you” email that most other companies send. Birthday Cards Taking the time to send your customers a birthday card will definitely make a positive impression on the

Vehicle Graphics: A Simple and Overlooked Strategy

Posted By Foote Printing
May 30, 2018 Category: General

With a number of different marketing outlets available, many business owners overlook the thing they use every day, their car. You might be thinking of vehicles that are entirely wrapped with the company’s name and logo, while some company vehicles can look like this, many professionals do not want to ride in a giant advertisement. There are many ways you can advertise your company without wrapping your entire car. Car magnets and stickers can be a good alternative that a print shop can help you with. Insurance agents, realtors, landscapers and many other industries use vehicle stickers that do not cover the entire car but still promote their company. A great example is the Geek Squad cars. When the company first started they would drive around in black and white cars with the Geek Squad logo on the side. It was quickly recognizable and they were everywhere. Vehicle graphics offer an easy way to promote yourself and stand out. Foote Printing is a family-owned Cleveland printing company with a close-knit crew of printing professionals. If you would like to discuss how Foote Printing can help you with vehicle graphics, contact us

Why Work with a Local Printer?

Posted By Foote Printing
May 30, 2018 Category: General

With sites that offer printing services to companies all over the U.S., you may think that they can do anything you need to. But local printers can offer the same products and services as their online counterparts, but have several unique characteristics that you can’t recreate virtually. From the variety of options, easy communication and building a business relationship, local printers are the best bet for print projects. More Options Compared to online sites that offer similar services, local printers offer more options for your business and your specific print job. Online sites often limit your selection of sizes, material, and ink. Local printers can offer you a wide array of options and styles. If you want a piece to be a certain size, shape, and material they can help you make that a reality. Easier to Communicate Naturally, communication is important to the success of any kind of project. When you work with a local printer you can call or even go to the office and speak directly with someone. Not only is it easier to get a live person on the line to work with you, but if there is a problem with a project it is much easier to fix when you work with a local person compared to an online printer. Communicating your wants effectively is another reason local printers are better suited than online stores. Sometimes you have a specific look in mind or a more complex project that you want to be completed. A local printer can sit down with you and find out exactly w

True Colors

Posted By Foote Printing
May 30, 2018 Category: General

“Color is the first principle of Place.” Ellen Meloy, Anthropology of Turquoise   Amid the grey days of winter here in Cleveland, Ohio, it’s easy to recognize the impact of color and light on our relationship with place. Meloy’s lovely book is not anthropology per se, but a meditation on the sense of vision: "The complex human eye harvests light. It perceives seven to ten million colors through a synaptic flash: one-tenth of a second from retina to brain. Homo sapiens [dedicate] up to 70 percent of its sense receptors solely for vision, to anticipate danger and recognize reward, but also--more so--for beauty." Meloy, Anthropology of Turquoise, pp. 8-9     Apple Inc., of course, takes the visual sensitivity of humans seriously. With the 2010 iPhone 4, Apple introduced its first Retina display. At 300 pixels per inch (PPI), on a device held 10 to 12 inches from the eye, individual pixels became effectively imperceptible. With the iPhone X, youhave 458 PPI and photographic versimilitude--or so I’ve heard. My main interest remains, of course, printed materials, which still set the standard for the representation of text and images. Digital printing technology has nearly equaled the standard of offset printing in terms of resolution, but resolution’s not the only variable. Colors matter, and your team of designers and printers can take selective steps to ensure that your materials accurately “harvest lig

The Value in Expertise

Posted By Foote Printing
May 30, 2018 Category: General

The hand-wringing over the demise of expertise in American politics reflects some subtle changes in the world of business, too. With regular updates on social media now possible—if not advisable—for nearly every business, free apps from grammarly to Inkscape provide useful support for effervescent content. Still, when you expect your content to be more durable, in the form of leave behinds, product packaging, or even business cards, it’s more important than ever to use staff dedicated to the craft of writing and graphic design at some stage in the production. Print materials make last impressions. Simply put, they just stick to human memory better than pixelated images. So, if you have a person in your office you count on to generate good ideas and represent them well in creative copy, that’s great. Would you be tempted, then, to use your desktop color printer to produce your latest flyer or brochure? It’s unlikely, because the digital printers and offset printers in today’s print shops offer considerably better quality and, in turn, better value by way of a durable, positive impression. In “How digital package printing safeguards a brand’s quality,” Jaron Lotan argues: “The added benefit that digital printing adds to brands? Higher value. High-quality packaging allows for more design variations and thus more targeted marketing, capturing the consumer’s attention with relevance in a world where a product ca

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