Meet the Team

David Badolato

Position: Desktop Publisher
Years: 12
Previous Jobs: Military, Insurance, AutoGlass
Pets: Black cat named Hextall
Children: 2 girls and a boy
City of Residence: Independence since 2019
Hobbies: Hockey, Working out, Art, Shooting, and Music
Burning Desire: Provide for my family to be comfortable
Keys to Success: Always believing in constant improvement and finding joy in what you do.



Steve Bowling

Steve Bowling

Position: Bindery
Years: 8 years
Previous Jobs: Steel Industry
Spouse/Partner: Shelly Bowling
Children: 2
City of Residence: Berea since 2018
Hobbies: Relaxing and spending time with the Family
Something no one knows about him: Last name Bowling but doesn't like to go bowling
Keys to Success: Hard work and dedication



Wade Wade Brunner

Position: Offset Pressman
Years: 38 years Experience in Printing Field
Previous Jobs: Cook
Spouse/Partner: Carol Brunner
Children: Joe, Linda, Chad, and Erica
Pets: 2 cats: Iggy and Pebbles
City of Residence: Norton, Ohio
Years in City: 12 years
Burning Desire: To spend the rest of his days on a tropical beach



Debi Comber

Position: Office Manager
Years: 5 years
Previous Jobs: Office Manager, Travel Agent, Stained Glass Teacher
Children: Kelly and Katrina
City of Residence: North Ridgeville since 2006
Hobbies: Travel and Baking
Burning Desire: Live on the Beach
Keys to Success: Perseverance, Patience, and Humor


Michael DuhrMichael Duhr

Position: Co-Owner
Years: 15 years
Previous Jobs: Life Guard, Bus-Boy, Intern at Ford Engine Plant
Spouse/Partner: Tricia Duhr
Children: Leo and Emelia
City of Residence: Lakewood since 2006
Hobbies: Lifting Weights, Boating, Hot-Tubbing, Beer Brewing, Graphic Design, and Smoking Meats
Burning Desire: Keep Foote Printing growing and prospering for years to come
Something no one knows about him: Was the co-captain of the Berea High School Men's Swim Team
Keys to Success: Honesty, Integrity, and Perseverance



Steven Duhr

Position: Co-owner
Years: 17
Previous Jobs: Offset Pressman, UPS loader, lifeguard, cook
Spouse: Jessica Duhr
Pets: Charlie the Golden Retriever, and two cats
Children: Karson Duhr
City of Residence: Lakewood since 2016
Hobbies: Working out, boating, hot tubbing, reading
Burning Desire: Retire at 55 years old
Keys to Success: Hard work, never miss a deadline


Rick Galyen

Position: Pressman
Years: 29
Previous Jobs: Service Tech for Heidelberg, Offset pressman, Always in the Print Industry
Pets: 2 year old pitty name Stella
City of Residence: Lakewood since 1996
Hobbies: Sailing, Anything outdoors
Burning Desire: Being part of a successful business and having something to do with it's success
Something no one knows about me: Pretty much an open book
Keys to Success: Never think you know everything. Come to work everyday willing to learn something new



Reginald Harrell

Position: Bindery/Cutter
Years: 14
Previous Jobs: Fast-Food, Warehouse, and Retail
Children: 3
City of Residence: Euclid since 2011
Hobbies: Video Games and Being with his son
Burning Desire: Make enough money to be Financially Independent
Keys to Success: Living everyday to the fullest and appreciating life



Nestor Molina

Position: Desktop Publishing
Years: 11
Previous Jobs: Product Developer, Drafter, Installation Manager
Children: Amaya Noelle Molina
City of Residence: Lyndhurst since 2015
Hobbies: Drumming, Kayaking, Drawing, and Hiking
Burning Desire: Seeing his daughter prosper in life
Keys to Success: perseverance




Bruce Smith

Position: Bindery
Years: 50 years
Previous Jobs: Maintenance / Print Shop owner
Spouse: Johnie “Maxine” Smith
Children: Ashley, Nicolle, and Bruce III
Pets: American Bulldog named Jackson
City of Residence: Bedford Heights since 2015
Hobbies: Hanging with the grandkids
Burning Desire: Retire healthy and happy
Keys to Success: Hard work and keeping away from fools