We are so happy to announce that we have been awarded one of the top 100 small commercial printing companies in the nation by Printing News Magazine! In the world of the digital age, it is great to be recognized for the hard work our team puts into every project we do, whether big or small. 

top 100 small commercial printers

Criteria for the Award

The recipients of this award were judged on annual revenue as well as the growth of the companies over the last year. 
They also ranked us by our reviews and ranking on platforms such as Google. 
One of the reasons that Foote Printing stood out to the magazine was because of our efforts to be a green company. Our business runs on solar energy! In fact, 80% of our operations are powered by 305 rooftop solar panels. We also make it our mission to recycle as much of our paper and ink products as possible, which ends up being about 99% of our unused materials.
Thanks to our efforts to going green, our whole warehouse has the same carbon footprint has an average household. 
At the end of the day, we are proud of all of our dedicated team and customers and being nationally recognized for that was just icing on the cake! If you want to work with an experienced printing company who you can trust, contact us at Foote Printing today!

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December 03, 2019 Category • Tips

We want to help you get the best quality products, so when you create your own design for your printed products from Foote Printing, follow these instructions and tips to help us help you! Most people use three main software systems to create their print designs: Photoshop for pictures, Illustrator for logos, and InDesign to bring it all together in your desired layout. The Three Most Important Things to Keep in Mind for InDesign Link Fonts and Logos By going to Find Fonts, you are able to see if all of your fonts are linked to the InDesign template. Likewise, you want to make sure that your logos are linked as well. Resolution We always ask for high resolution, so when you are exporting your files from InDesign, choose either High-Quality Print or Press Quality. However, if you choose Press Quality, then you will need to make sure your bleed marks are accurate. Bleed Before you send over your designs to us, you should make sure that you have at least an eight-inch bleed

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November 25, 2019 Category • History

Foote Printing Then There is a long history behind the business that Foote Printing is today. Founded over 100 years ago, Foote Printing started as a simple side business in 1887. Thomas F. Foote was the owner and operator of Foote Printing while also working as a mail carrier. About 17 years later, in 1909, Thomas Foote decided to go off on his own and run Foote Printing as his only job because the company was doing so well. Then we also had Frank Foote, who was Thomas Footes younger brother and helped run the printing business. Foote Printing Now Today, about 133 years later, we have been located in the same area, serving the same businesses and more. Though we are no longer run by the Foote Family, we are still a family-owned and operated company with a great team of printing and design professionals. However, we bring a new meaning to the name Foote Printing with our environmentally friendly practices such as recycling, renewable energy sources, and much more we are

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At Foote Printing, we can accommodate a wide range of printing needs from paper to direct door mailers to banners. We can even print on t-shirts! If you want a fun a unique t-shirt with your very own design printed on the front or the back, we can help. If you need assistance when it comes to the design, we also have our design experts that can help make your idea come to life. Our t-shirt printing services only take about a week to two weeks to turnaround. Our minimum order for t-shirts is 25, so this service is perfect for a team that needs matching t-shirts, for a fundraiser to bring awareness, or even for people running for office. Running for Office in Cleveland, Ohio? If you are running for office or are supporting someone who is running, we can help you get the word out with custom t-shirts, banners, flyers, postcards, the whole nine yards. Team Building Day? If you are part of a team, whether its at your office, your club, or a family reunion, we can help you

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