Custom Branded Pocket Folders for Your Business

Foote Printing does pocket folders | Cleveland, OH

Pocket folders are an easy way to show off your brand while also providing your customers with a convenient way to carry all of your informational handouts. At the Foote Printing Company, we can create a personalized pocket folder to fit the exact needs of your business!

An exmaple of Foote Printing's pocket folders | Cleveland, OH

Here we have examples of some of the pocket folders we have done in the past. If you're handing out some paperwork usually when people are signing forms and they need a copy of it, you can throw it in there with all your marketing material. These folders hold a lot of paper and your business fits nicely in there too.

Gusset Pocket Folder

If your business has a lot of information to share with your customers, we can produce a pocket folder that can hold 100 to even 200 pages! These types of folders are called gusset folders, and the pockets in these guys are already scored a quarter inch or a half inch in size. So it can hold more pages without ripping the edges like you would see with a standard folder. 

Boy Scouts Folder | Foote Printing


Why Wait if You Don’t Have To?

Our turnaround time for most pocket folders is only 3-4 business days, and that’s just one of the great benefits of working with a local company!

Customized Pocket Folders

We create custom pocket folders. The examples we have here are your standard folders, but we can personalize yours to your needs. For instance, most of the time you’ll see a folder with the pockets on the bottom, but we can make them vertical pockets, more circular pockets, and more.

Not a Design Expert? We’ve Got You Covered!

At Foote Printing, we have our own internal design team who can help you create you personalized pocket folder look. From where you put your logo to what images will best share your ideas, we’ve here to help!


Contact Foote Printing

If you need pocket folders for your business, don’t wait for an online company to ship you your products! We deliver fast, customized, and functional folders! If you have any questions about our pocket folders or want to place an order, contact us today!

Foote Printing does pocket folders | Cleveland, OH
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