Door Hangers are a Great Print Marketing Tool for Your Business

Foote Printing of Cleveland has partnered with Virteom of Avon to get valuable information on our products out to the world through video. In our videos, we sit down and talk about our products, how we can help you, and the printing industry. This week, we look at door hangers for your business, typically used for canvassing, promoting a new thing, visibility, and brand awareness.

*below is a transcription of the video.

Where Can My Business Utilize Quality Printed Door Hangers?

Where Can My Business Utilize Quality Printed Door Hangers? | Foote PrintingMichael shows us two samples of door hangers printed by Foote Printing of Cleveland. The one was used in a political campaign and the other one was used in a hospital just to let people know what's going on. These would also be good maybe in a hotel setting. We also have seen a lot of people using them in real estate. Where they go sell a house and they'd have their information on the door hanger. The realtors are putting some door hangers on the five or ten houses surrounding the house that was sold with their contact information and also saying, "Hey, this house was just sold by so-and-so." With that, hopefully you can get more business from the houses around that neighborhood.

Works for Many Industries

In addition to the examples in the image and industries discussed above (Real Estate, Politics, Hospitals, Hotels, Hospitality), there are really uses for this type of print marketing in any business. If you have a new product, service, or offering - you can make up door hangers to deliver to your client's doors or a target customer group that is local. If you are a home service business that only serves the local community, these are especially powerful. Nursing Homes, Universities, and Large Corporate Campuses can also gain a lot from utilizing Door Hanger print marketing for their business.

If you or someone you know is looking for quality branded and printed door hangers, give Foote Printing of Cleveland a call. We service all types of businesses. We have an internal art shop, graphics department, and can even support direct mailing services. Call us at or Contact Us here.

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