Lamination Services in Cleveland, Ohio

What good is a nice, beautifully printed product if it might get wet a week later and ruin all of your hard work? Foote Printing can help keep that printed product safe, whether it's a book, business card, or sign with lamination.

Types of Lamination

We offer many different types of lamination, such as silk, matte, gloss, soft touch. We do edge seal lamination, or edge trim encapsulated, which means the paper is totally covered in the lamination, so water can't sneak in through the sides. 

We also offer alternatives to lamination for a more cost-effective finish, such as synthetic or plastic stocks that we can print on to make your product more durable. 

Different types of printed products can work better with different types of lamination, so if you are looking to have your printed materials protected, talk to us about our lamination services!

Learn More About Cleveland Printing

If you are interested in getting anything printed for yourself, your business, or to promote an event, contact us today at Foote Printing to get the highest-quality Cleveland printing services! 

Learn more about our services by watching more videos like this in our video library. 

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