Menu Printing in Cleveland, Ohio

If you're looking for an affordable menu printer for your restaurant, look no further than Foote Printing! We have printed many different types of menus for restaurants all over the Cleveland area.

Synthetic and Laminated Menu Printing

In the past, we have created many durable and robust menus for our clients who need their menus to last. These laminated menus are great for restaurants who don't change their menu often and need to be able to keep their menus clean. They are also great because you can even put them through the dishwasher to keep them sanitized. 

Take-Out and Disposable Menus

With the concern of spreading sickness, many restaurant owners have made the switch to only using paper menus so they can be disposed of after one use. Likewise, they can also be great for takeaway menus for your customers to use for to-go ordering. 

Disposable paper menus are more popular now because they ensure cleanliness and are very cost-effective. 

QR Code Menus

If you are looking for a very minimalist and affordable way to have your customers view your menu, we do have QR code menu printing capabilities to help keep your employees and customers safer!

Menu Design

If you are redesigning your menu or limited in your menu during these times, Foote Printing can help you with the design! 

Learn More About Affordable Menu Printing

Contact us today if you want to learn more about our menu printing capabilities. 

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