Print Letterheads and Envelopes in Cleveland, OH

Is your business starting a direct mail campaign? Is it time to start sending out notices or requesting donations for your cause? You'll be sure to make a great first impression on your end-users by using quality printing and products by Foote Printing in Cleveland, OH!

Foote Printing is a leading local print company that offers graphic design, offset printing, digital printing and wide format printing. They can even mail out your print material for you!

Why is it important to use a print company for mail material?

By entrusting a print company for your print envelopes, letterheads and post-cards, you'll be sure to make a great first impression on your (potential) customers. We understand brand guidelines and understand that you want your business to look professional, legitimate and capable.

How does my print material make me look more professional?

Think about your own experience. If you were to receive a low-quality envelope in the mail or receive a letter with a poorly designed logo from a company you're not familiar with - would you trust it? or would it just end up in the garbage? These decisions will let the user's mind wander about the credibility of your company. The quality of your print material can have a big impact on your end-user.

In order to ensure your logo really pops on your print material we offer both digital printing (for smaller jobs) and offset printing (for larger jobs).

How do I know whether I want to use digital or offset printing?

Digital printing is the fastest method of printing today. If you have a lot of colors in your logo or print material, digital printing may be your best option. With digital printing, we're able to print from a digital-based image (i.e., a pdf) directly to a variety of media.

Offset printing is typically for larger jobs and only offer 2 color print. We do full-color printing up to 22" x 28" and 6/6 + Coating.

While offset uses actual ink, plates, and solutions, digital printing uses 4-color powdery toners which is baked onto the sheet. For most of the digital stuff we can get it done in a day, but for the off-set printing we need about a day for it to dry.

Print MaterialWe have a few examples of some of the print jobs we've done for clients past. You can see here we have some four-color and just some black or blue colored printing on envelopes.

The invention of digital printing has really allowed us to be able to print any logo, full color, on the envelope to show off exactly how your logo is supposed to look.

If you're looking to get your company's print material out there to customers - whether it's direct mail, sending out info or a postcard - come to Foote Printing in Cleveland, OH.



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