Typesetting Services in Cleveland, Ohio

At Foote Printing, we provide our customers with the highest quality printed products that they need to promote their business. Our many services are designed to get you what you need when you need it, including our typesetting service. 

What is Typesetting?

Typesetting is more than just graphic design; it is taking your assets and organizing them to be printed in the best possible way. Page layout, design, and typesetting are all words that people use when talking about graphic design. Basically, our typesetting services offers you everything you need to make your printed products look their best, with accurate information. 

For example, a business sends an order for 100 business cards; our typesetting services will ensure that these business cards are printing in a visually pleasing format, with correct brand usage, and accurate information. 

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Meet the Team: Nestor Molina

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April 05, 2021 Category: Meet The Team

Nestor Molina is a desktop publisher at Foote Printing and has been on our team for just over three years, but his love for design goes all the way back to his middle school years. Nestor was born and raised in Puerto Rico, where he found his passion for art and design. As a young boy, Nestor would draw all of his favorite (and his own) anime and Disney characters in his free time. In high school, he became interested in architectural drafting, which allowed him to become familiar with design software. About ten years ago, Nestor decided to move to Cleveland, where he expanded his experience in the design world as a product developer, drafter, and installation manager. He has a lot of experience designing and creating packaging instructions, illustrations, infographics, and much more. Nestors Journey with Foote Printing Since Nestor has joined our team, he has continued to expand his portfolio by working as a desktop publisher and helping fill the other roles here at Foote Printing

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This week's blog is inspired by the 11 inspiring graphic design trends for 2021 from 99designs. As graphic designers, printers, and creators, we love seeing what other creators make and incorporating trends into our work.