What is a Proof and Why is it Important?

We always send a PDF proof for clients to double-check. We realize in the fast-paced digital world we live in that some people just send in art before truly giving it a second glance.

Double-Checking Your Work

We recommend that anyone doing the actual design should have someone else look at their work prior to sending it in or uploading it. It is hard to notice even major mistakes when you have been starring at the same thing for hours.

Also just working on something else or taking a breather before going back to it helps mistakes stick out to your eye. You would not believe how much money people have spent because of forgetting to use their spellchecker or having someone else point out an obvious error.

Even two designs sitting next to each other could create a bad unintended effect that another set of eyes might see immediately.

As a printer, we glance over things but we do not spell check or proofread unless asked to and a price is agreed upon for that service. Even design items that don’t look right we usually don’t mention as not to offend the designer. So get yourself a trusted friend who was great at photo hunt or ask us to mention if we see anything unusual with your design. Or pay a professional to take care of all that.

Whatever you do remember that most people don’t like double checking things and that it could cost a lot of money as opposed to a couple of extra minutes of work. So be wise and put in the extra effort. It is always helpful.

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