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Foote Printing in Cleveland, Ohio, is a custom print shop with over 100 years of printing experience! We can help our customers get the printed products they are looking for, whether it is for their business, school, an event, or just for fun! 

We have many different types of products that we can create, from business cards to t-shirts to books!

Weber Automotive Spotlight

This week, we are showing off a project we created this year with Weber Automotive! They came to us in need of printed marketing materials. This customer already had a great website created by Virteom, and brand guidelines as well.  We were able to pull from those styles and use their logo on a number of printed products to help them with traditional marketing.

We can also help businesses who do not have a logo or brand with our design services

In the video above, you can see some of the materials we printed for Weber Automotive. One that we wanted to shine the light on is the branded pocket folder. As an automotive shop, Weber Automotive is always giving their customers invoices and other materials, so having a branded folder for them to put those papers in is great for businesses and for the customer.

Likewise, the folder holds business cards so that the customers can share those with their friends and family who also need auto work or maintenance done! 

Learn More About Foote Printing

If you are looking for affordable marketing for your business, take a look at our printed promotional products in this video and let us know if you would like something similar! 

You can also learn more about our business by watching more videos like this in our video library!

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